When Getting Captured is Inevitable

Checkers is a game of capturing enemy pieces. For sure, the other player is more than eager to go on a capturing spree as we are. In the exchange of captures it is inevitable that a number of our pieces will be caught. Here are capture tips on how to minimize the benefit the enemy gets from capturing our piece.

First, we need to make sure that all the enemy gets is a single captured piece. Beware of double or triple captures. We can avoid these mean captures by always thinking ahead of the enemy. We should be able to detect or foresee a planned double or triple capture 2 to 3 steps ahead before the enemy can offer a trapping forced capture to us.

A trapping forced capture is a trap disguised as a capture in our favor. The enemy offers a seeming free capture by advancing a piece we can and must capture. But after we do, the enemy does deadly double or triple captures, even ending up in better positioning. We avoid this by pre-empting the plan. We can do this by blocking or taking another direction well ahead of time. Hence, we also need to discern what the enemy seems is up to all the time.

Another thing to avoid is letting our piece be captured with the capturing piece ending up occupying a side square. Side squares are vital in checkers. Good players are always after occupying side squares because these are perfect squares to form pairs with. Among effective capture tips is that, when our piece is in a side square and we pair it with an adjoining piece right in the next square. With this we come up with a strong and almost unconquerable formation.

Another reason for a pair formation at the side is that it is the most secured place on the board to launch pieces for crowning. Hence, we should avoid as much as possible a piece being taken by the enemy and the capturing piece landing on a side square. We may either block the free side square right behind our piece or move it to the next side square ahead if it is vacant.

Thus, if it comes to the point when being captured is inevitable we should find ways to make sure that the enemy will benefit from nothing else except a single piece capture. Another capture tip is to avoid giving away free side squares after the enemy captures our piece.