The Power of Moving in Pairs

What's the best and safest way of moving pieces on the board in checkers? Simple. The key here is camaraderie, or moving them in pairs or tandems. This is the best checkers strategy here.

As we move pieces on the board we need to make sure that they are secured as much as possible. It's hard to ensure their 100 percent safety. But at least we should do our best to provide them safe passage to their destination. We do this by pairing our pieces as they cross the board to their destination, which is of course their crowning.

Crowning is when a piece passes safely across the board uncaptured and reaches the other end row in the enemy camp. Upon reaching the end row it is "crowned;" it is given tremendous moving and capturing powers. Hence, we ought to strategize for a safe way to bring as many pieces to the other side as possible in the game. Piece preservation is a key here in line with safe movement.

Many people think checkers is just moving pieces any which way they like and having them captured so that the board is cleared up of them. Then, the remaining pieces can smoothly go farther forward. Nothing can be farther from the truth. We should try to preserve the most number of pieces possible by moving them in pairs. This is the best checkers strategy as far as moving pieces is concerned.

Why in pairs? First, no enemy piece can capture our paired pieces when the capturing direction is along the line where our pair is positioned. Even enemy kings or crowned pieces standing along the line where our pair is positioned cannot jump over and capture anyone of them. However, the moment the pair breaks and a free square comes between them, the first piece is sure to be captured. If a free square is right behind the second piece, a double capture is in order.

But as long as the pair is unbroken no capturing threat in front of them or from their rear is possible. When the pair moves the piece in front should always take the lead and the rear piece should follow closely behind. When there's a threat in front of them the pair should not be moved, if at all possible.

Thus, the best checkers strategy when moving our pieces is the pair strategy. It can repel any capturing threat from the front or rear of a pair.