A Double-Capture Escape for a King Piece - When capturing a king the strategy needs to be tricky. Thus, we need to know about capturing a king to also avoid getting our king caught needlessly.

Aiding Our Play with Checkers Literature - Checkers notation can help us develop our skills. As we simulate the moves of pros through checkers notation we are able to develop our strategy.

An Important Tip in Crowning - An important crowning tip in checkers is having many pieces devoted for crowning. This crowning tip should be observed right at the start.

Forced Capture and It's Benefits - A forced capture in checkers should be well scrutinized. There are ways on finding out what a forced capture in checkers is really made of.

Guidelines on Playing Black Pieces - A checkers strategy blossoms when we opt for playing black pieces. The advantages of a first move privilege makes possible a good checkers strategy.

Handling a King Piece in Checkers - A checkers king is powerful in capturing strategies. But we should know how to handle a checkers king well to make it perform better on the board.

How to Easily Spot a Double-Capture Potential - A double-capture strategy should often be used. It's easy to spot a potential situation where a double-capture strategy may be easily applied.

How to Play White Successfully - A white checkers strategy also works as powerful as a strategy for black pieces. Make sure the white checkers strategy capitalizes on initial moves.

Preventing a Capture by the Enemy - Whenever possible, we should avoid a capture. Tips on preventing a capture can help in this. Winning is possible with tips on preventing a capture.

Targeting a Specific Area to Hit in Checkers - The weakest area of a chekcers formation should be our target. It's important to pinpoint the weakest area of a checkers formation right at the start.

The Longest Line, Triple Capture, and Crowning - A triple capture technique along the middle diagonal line is deadly. We end up with a triple advantage with a triple capture technique.

The Power of Moving in Pairs - The best checkers strategy thinks of the protection of pieces seriously. Being able to move pieces safely is the best checkers strategy.

Tips on Starting a Checkers Game Right - To start checkers correctly we need to know about proper setting up. Initial and strategic setups help us start checkers correctly and win at it, too.

When Getting Captured is Inevitable - Good capture tips in checkers touch on limiting the enemy's benefits from capturing our pieces. Capture tips should coach on this.

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