The Longest Line, Triple Capture, and Crowning

The checkers board may be divided diagonally in half. The dividing line is the longest line in the board and a deadly triple capture may be done along it. It would be great to familiarize ourselves with this triple capture technique especially when it presents itself on the longest line.

Here's how this technique works: Along the longest line should lie our pair (the rear piece occupying the lower left corner), an enemy pair which is a free square away from our pair, and another enemy piece a free square away from the enemy pair and which has also a free square at the back of it. All these are along the same line which is the longest on the board.

When the opponent advances the front piece of the enemy pair the front piece of our pair easily captures three enemy pieces and ends up on the upper right hand corner of the board. That's a corner to corner travel all on a single turn.

And this means that after the triple capture our piece even makes it to being crowned as a king. This triple capture technique along the longest line on the board is among the best strategy in checkers. We should always watch out for this occurrence.

In view of this strategy, it pays to always look for this possibility by keeping a pair on the lower left corner of the board. It's like a bomb waiting for the right time to go off. When the enemy commits the mistake of placing a pair and another piece along that line with a free square in between them and at their rear, we set the strategy into motion and surprise the enemy.

As we end up with a king, the situation turns for the worse for the enemy. A king positioned on a corner square of the longest line on the board is ideal. The line being the middle line dividing the board in half, we have established a border line quite disadvantageous for the enemy.

Any enemy piece that crosses this border line is immediately exposed to a sure capture with a single move. Furthermore, this center line is strategic in that our king can easily transfer lines anywhere on the board from it.

A triple capture technique along the longest line on the board is powerful and strategic. It ensures capture of 3 enemy pieces, a versatile king, and dominant positioning right in the center of the board.