How to Play White Successfully

Is there any advantage or disadvantage in playing white pieces in checkers? To be sure, playing any piece color brings excitement and challenge in the game, more so if we know some white checkers strategies.

When we play white pieces we always act last. That's what the rules say. Many believe that acting last has lots of disadvantages, one of which is always having to cope with the first moves of black pieces. While being always defensive has its woes there are also lots of things we should appreciate when playing white. Like, acting last allows us to see what the enemy's preference is likely to be on the board.

When the opponent plays black pieces and acts first, we need to watch from what area of the enemy fortress the opponent opts to have pieces moved first. We have to divide the board mentally into 3 parts: the 2 sides, which include 2 columns on each side, and the center area which are the 4 squares on the center. The 2 columns each side include 3 pieces each and the center squares 6 pieces.

For instance, the opponent initially opts to move a piece in the middle. We can derive several conclusions here: the opponent is a center mover, aims at our center, and is probably a weak player. Most weak players choose to engage centrally. With such opponent, we may opt to attack any side of the enemy camp. If the opponent makes an initial side piece move it may indicate of the player's high skill in the game, especially if the opponent shows preference to control side squares.

If the opponent seems skillful in the game and has the black piece advantage of acting first, a good white checkers strategy is to take control of the opposite side the opponent is aiming for. If the opponent is taking the right side, we take the left side. This way we equalize the side squares taken.

Side squares are vital in a win strategy. If we control enough of them we have a safe route through which we may bring pieces inside the enemy camp and to the end row where crowning is done. It is too risky to choose a central route for crowning. Thus, side squares are the best option. Aside from capturing enemy pieces we need to prepare our pieces for crowning early on in the game.

A white checkers strategy is powerful if we know how to take advantage of the enemy's first few moves.