Handling a King Piece in Checkers

A checkers king is a powerful piece in the game. It adds to our ability to capture the pieces of the enemy. However, the power of a king depends largely on its handler. Here are strategies on how to handle a checkers king.

First, it's best to place kings on side and corner squares on the board. This position prevents them from being victimized by incidental captures and double or triple captures. If we're not careful even kings can be susceptible to these capture types especially when we place them on non-side or non-corner squares. There 14 corner and side squares around the board.

Beware when our king is on a center square and an enemy king is placed on a corner along the line where our king sits. If we fail to get it out of the way it will be captured on the next turn of the opponent. In checkers the opponent is not obligated to shout any warning when the enemy king is threatening our king, unlike in chess. We have to watch out for our kings.

The longest line on the board is the middle line that divides the board in half diagonally. When we place our king on a corner of this line and an enemy king is placed on the other our checkers king is trapped. It cannot evade the threat by going to the left or right because on that corner it can only travel along the middle line. Once it does and stops at a square on that line the enemy king on the other corner easily captures it.

Along other lines with the above situation, our king can easily transfer to the right or left square and it's immediately out of the enemy's line of attack. Thus, escape is easy. If we want to use our king to support a piece we want to crown we simply put the king on the terminal corner of the line our piece is traveling on. Any threat to capture it can be counter captured immediately.

If we want to threaten an enemy king on a center square we simply aim our king at it from a corner on the same line where the enemy king is. If the enemy king is on a corner square put a king on the other corner of the line and a piece in between. A forced capture will get rid of it. Thus, a checkers king is as powerful as its handler is skilled.