How to Easily Spot a Double-Capture Potential

A double-capture in checkers is a smart and powerful move. The more we do double-captures against the enemy the closer we are at winning. Some wait for a double-capture chance to show itself on the board but some manage to arrange it. Here is a double-capture strategy.

The key here is to always watch out for enemy pieces in pairs. The pair should have a free square in front and right behind it. If we have a piece sitting on the same line as the pair and just a square away from it we may be in for a double-capture treat. Just wait for the front piece to move to the free square and we're set for a double-capture.

The way to arrange a double-capture is to lure the enemy's front piece to come at us and break away from its rear partner. Often, if our piece is two squares away from the enemy front piece, moving it a step towards the front piece would tend to have the enemy imitating us—the front piece will also be moved a square towards it. The enemy shows readiness to confront us. Often, if the enemy is a novice, the confrontation is expected to be a give and take especially if the enemy forgets about the free square right behind the rear piece. It happens.

Hence, in this double-capture strategy, when the exchange begins and we take the advanced front piece the opponent will be ready to counter the capture using the rear piece. But to the enemy's great surprise we take that, too, on the same turn, and ends up on the free square.

Occasions for a double-capture involving an enemy pair is numerous. We should watch out for them and wait for the enemy to advance the front piece towards our luring piece. Just make sure that the front and back squares of the pair is vacant for the enemy piece to move into and for us to land on, respectively.

Another situation is when an enemy pair is a free square away to our right but on a different line. If a free square is immediately to its rear and the front piece turns right to meet our piece for a forced capture, we immediately make a double-capture.

A double-capture strategy is easy if the opponent is a novice and keeps breaking enemy pairs away towards our piece. We just watch out for these scenarios with keenness and we're up for several hits.