An Important Tip in Crowning

Crowning is among very important goals in checkers. It more than doubles the capacity of a piece in capturing enemy pieces. There are various ways of having our pieces crowned but there's a crowning tip that shouldn't be overlooked right at the start.

Many crowning strategies have to do with fiercely fighting it out near the end of a game to make it to crowning. These are also good but the fact is that strategies worked out only at the end often ends up practically useless. Sometimes, they may even result to a very short-lived king. Some get caught right after crowning through a trapping forced capture. So what's the best anti-dote strategy?

The answer is preserving as many pieces as possible for crowning. This means we try to avoid capturing exchanges as much as possible. And the preparation for this starts right in the beginning of the game. Each move should be aimed at having a strong crowning strategy. We try to keep as many pieces by avoid capturing confrontations as much as possible.

A capturing exchange is when a series of capturing happens due to the forced capture ruling. This ruling says anytime a capturing chance is present the player that should take it should take it. Once this happens a series of captures usually follows. This series of captures is what we should try to avoid, preparing for a crowning strategy.

Captures cannot be avoided completely. But we should be choosy about the captures we engage in. We choose captures that really benefit us. We should try to avoid trapping forced captures. Though there's a ruling on forced captures we may prevent it by doing something in advance to ward off as much capturing as possible. This could be done by blocking or evading.

A crowning tip here is also to place pieces on side squares in pairs to keep them protected and also protecting each other. The more pieces we preserve the stronger our crowning strategy.

The goal is to keep at least 2 to 3 pieces each side. This means that right at the start we need to at least assign 6 to 8 pieces for crowning, if not all of them, leaving the rest in the home base to defend it. But eventually, any remaining pieces in the home base will have to be devoted to crowning, too—the more the better.

Thus, the important crowning tip is to always set apart pieces for crowning right at the very start. This strengthens our crowning strategy.