Aiding Our Play with Checkers Literature

There is a way of dramatically improving our checkers skill. This is through the aid of checkers literature. What we do is simulate the moves of pros and experts made in competitions and recorded in books. We do this with the aid of checkers notation.

Notation in checkers is a way of locating pieces and tracing moves on the board using imaginary numbers assigned each black square on the board. Hence, if we want to re-produce a game or a specific strategy a checkers pro or expert did in a game, we get the recorded notation from checkers literature in books or online and re-do them on our own checkers board. Once we keep doing this it will help elevate our skill fast.

Checkers notation begins from the upper left black square of a checkers board. That square is assigned the number 1. The next black well to the right is assigned the number 2. And so on. The numbering goes from left to right until it gets to the lower right square along the bottom row. That square is assigned the number 32. So the notation is from 1 to 32, left to right, from upper to lower. White squares are not included in the notation.

Here's how we use a checkers notation. Make sure a white square is on the lower extreme right. From the left side, let's count 3 squares up from the bottom, including the white square. That's the first square of our front row. The piece sitting on that square is notated 21. If we move it a step to the right, the notation will be 21-17. If there's an enemy piece on square 17 and our piece takes it the notation will be 21-14. This means our piece captured the enemy piece on 17 and landed on 14. If there's an enemy piece on 10 and takes our piece that landed on 14 the notation will be 10-17.

With this notation system it would be easy to trace what happened to a recorded game from start to finish. As we trace the game we are able to see how an evading strategy or capturing tactic came to be. We would be able to see the opening style or crowning strategy of a professional checkers player. As we often do this we would get hints and develop our skill and strategies.

Checkers notation is a big help to hone our wit and skill in the game. It helps to develop good strategies.