A Double-Capture Escape for a King Piece

We should take care that our king piece in checkers is not trapped into a tricky forced capture. This capture is among the deadly ways of capturing a king. We should be familiar with it and know what to do once the situation appears.

Techniques against a king are especially possible when the enemy king and our king are on corner squares on the same line and an enemy piece is between them, and it's our turn to act. We will be forced, by the rule on forced capture, to capture the pesky piece and be captured in turn by the enemy king. It's a most undesirable trapping capture to fall into. We get an enemy piece in exchange for our precious king. What's the best thing to do to avoid this?

First, we need to be able to foresee the situation before it happens to be able to avoid it. This is called reading the enemy's play in relation to the overall situation on the board. Once the enemy king is placed at the other end of the line aiming at our king and we see an enemy piece, a bait, being sent in between them, it should be enough to tell us to get our king out of the situation. It's a sure strategy of the opponent in capturing a king.

Second, if our king is really trapped into the situation and there's no other way out except to capture the bait, we may be able to escape through a double-capture. If the bait and our king are close together and separated by a mere free square from the enemy king, and then another enemy piece is sitting somewhere along the line intersecting the free square (with a vacant square behind it) we can escape through a double-capture.

With checkers notations we can plot the above: our king stands on 31 and the bait piece on 27. The enemy king is on 20 and another enemy piece is on 10. We capture the bait and land on 24. At this point the enemy king on 20 may be ready to capture our king. But then right after landing on 24 we jump again and take the enemy piece on 10 and land on 1. We just escaped a trapping forced capture through a double-capture: we gain two pieces plus safe positioning.

Knowledge on capturing a king is useful both for attacking enemy kings and preventing our kings from being captured.